What is it?

Technology in your business can greatly improve the way you do business, save you time and cost and increase revenue.

Digital transformation involves leveraging data and modern technology to change / enhance the way you do business, create new and improved products and services as well as deliver them using tech tools.

We create a whole new experience around how everyone interacts with your business — You, your team and your customers.

Why should you care?

To go out of business faster is easy, you just have to ignore modern trends knowingly or unknowingly while others adopt them. Ignorance is no longer an excuse in this space.

We are in a rapidly changing world of technology advancements including changes to how we do business. Positioning your business with modern technology puts you on ahead and in tune with the ever evolving global business landscape.

You lead your organization to scale rapidly, save time, do more, fast and efficiently.

Our Approach

Research & Analyze

We identify your reasons for Digital Transformation as well as study your existing model and processes.

Planning & Strategy

We map out what we want to achieve, how we want to achieve it and the resources needed.

Build Resource

We assemble the needed manpower and other resources needed to commence transformation.


We execute the laid out strategy and implement the needed technology integrations across.

Train and integrate

We train your team and other stakeholders needed to uphold the new flow of activities.

Grow and manage

We measure impact and make adjustments where necessary in accordance with your goals.

You business in the cloud with DUMO®.

Add-on Services

Technology Advisory

We provide insights and guidance tailored to your specific goals.

Process Automation

We automate your repeating processes so you can focus on key business objectives.

Brand Development

Let us tell your brand story in clear concise elements.

Website Development

Get a functional online presence that converts, and gives you visibility.


We automate your repeating processes so you can focus on key business objectives.

You too, can get the Chigisoft Advantage!


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