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apps, on time.

We work with ambitious teams to design, build, and maintain digital products that make news.

From startups in need of MVP to large corporations and government in need of technical firepower.

Chigisoft’s approach to projects is dynamic and meticulous as each requires a uniquely tailored solution. The core of our culture and attitude to work remains the same notwithstanding as we strive to deliver excellence each time.

Let us take you on a journey.

Discovery + Plan

We meet you to discuss and understand your idea. Then we outline your business objectives, the market needs and align them with the overall product goals.

We go further to research the target user, to find out how they would interact with your solution as well as the best platforms, and infrastructure to deliver your solution to them.

Design + MVP

We apply Human Centered Design to develop super simple interfaces, and experiences that meet your app goals with a smooth learning curve to the users.

We quickly put out your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which is a scaled down version of your app, get user feedbacks, and only add what is expedient until we reach the goal.


We employ a mix of Agile, and traditional approach to bring your app to life with c lean code that passes necessary tests, before they are sent out.

From the MVP, to a full product, we keep collecting feedback, iterating, and improving the user experience while adding needed features until the entire application ships fully.


Product Development is an ongoing exercise. Once the product goes into the real world, we monitor how your customers interact with it; we walk with you all the way as your app grows to become a global phenom.

We also help implement new features as the need arises, enhance existing ones and continue making improvements to enable you stay ahead of competitors.


Add-on Services

Product Design

Get your digital product roadmap, strategy with ux research and human centered design.

App Development

We build, deploy and manage mobile apps that are functional and cross platform.

Product Growth

We provide all support to scale your platform — DevOps, code maintenance, security etc.

Managed Cloud

We are Digital Ocean partners and have the capacity to manage your cloud infrastructure.


Get the technical Quality Control before you ship your app to market.

You too, can get the Chigisoft Advantage!


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